Teacher training

Martina has led many successful MFL workshops for primary school teachers, showing how to work with her own songs and other musical ideas in the language classroom. Teachers will be able to take away lots of ideas on how to combine language learning with fun in the classroom.


Above: workshop with German teachers in Gran Canaria

Her two songbooks and CDs, Learn German with Songs (blue book) and Learn More German with Songs (red book), have been developed in cooperation with the Goethe-Institute London. The latter has also been published by the German publisher Hueber-Verlag under the title Spielerisch Deutsch lernen, Lieder und Reime.

Martina has showcased her language learning songs in primary schools with great success and has visited schools all over the world. She has run workshops for teachers at the Goethe-Institute in many cities and presented her resource materials at numerous language shows, including the IDT (international German teacher’s conference) in Bozen in 2013 and at the Didakta 2015 in Cologne. Her teacher training sessions can be adapted for secondary school teachers with age appropriate musical material.

Martina invites language teachers to a fun-packed interactive session of ‘Learn German with Songs’ getting in touch with our inner child, exploring different creative ways of using music, song, and movement in the classroom.

Martina’s recent webinar ‘Teaching German and French with Songs’, part of the Primary Languages Conference Durham, can be watched here.

And here Martina presents her musical approach to language learning at the 2018 eTwinning seminar (Seminar des Pädagogischen Austauschdienstes) 2’29 – 2’42 & 3’09 – 3’18.