Learn English with Songs

In her youth, as a pupil and student, Martina listened to many popular bands singing in English: the Beatles, the Stones, Cream, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger to name a few – and sang along. The songs and their lyrics stayed with her forever and, even now, often feature in her performances.

When she met an Englishman in Paris, she didn’t know that English was soon to become her main language. She has been living in London for 30 years. Most of her English song compositions are not only suitable for language learning, but have also been enjoyed by children in special needs schools in England and the Channel Islands during Martina’s Music in Hospitals tours.

Some new songs are about the urgent subject of climate change. They are ideal for outdoor learning environments and community settings, such as forest school sessions in primary schools, playgroups and community gardens. Watch Martina’s teaching video of her “Trees! Trees!” song (the actual song from 2.28). This is the English version of her original German language song “Rodet nicht die Wälder” on the Learn German with songs page.

Listen also to Martina telling the Grimm’s tale of the Queen Bee for Wonderful Beast Theatre Company’s Lockdown project, including some catchy new songs.

These are some of the titles:

• Hello! Good morning!
• The number song (1-12)
• The number song (13-20)
• The days of the week
• The months/ the seasons
• When is your birthday?
• The animal-tango
• What do they speak in….?
• We’re travelling around the world
• Trees, trees! (don’t cut down the trees!)
• Let the birds fly (mindful travelling)
• Goodbye!