Learn French with Songs

Martina lived in Paris in the late 80s. It was a dream come true as she loved Paris, France and above all, the French language. She studied theatre with Philippe Gaulier, worked as a language teacher at Berlitz and other institutions, and as a musician in theatre and education.

The idea of Learning Languages with Songs was born during this time in Paris when Martina used music and song in an arts setting for children. Here, the French nursery and primary school children drew what they were hearing and singing. They would not only happily sing French children’s songs but also simple songs in German, accompanied by actions. It was then that Martina first thought about developing her programme “LLWS”.

Martina has collaborated with Théâtre sans frontières (theatre in MFL education) as an actor musician/ composer and she has been working for more than 10 years for the London based educational theatre company “Freshwater theatre” as a freelance drama facilitator, using storytelling for French and German language learning.

She also visits young French learners in primary schools with her interactive song programme “Learn French with Songs”. You can see some of her songs on her French YouTube channel. Martina’s interactive concerts are fun and her songs can be easily followed up by the teachers.

And here two brand new releases on Bandcamp:  “Il n’y a pas de PLANète B”and “Dans la Forêt”.

Martina can come to your school or visit you online. You can expect to hear some of these songs, all part of curriculum topics:

  • Âllo! Bonjour!
  • La pluie/ le soleil
  • Un arc en ciel
  • Les mois/ les saisons
  • Quand-est ton aniversaire?
    (Quelle est la date de ton aniversaire?)
  • C’est l’aniversaire de ma grande mère
  • Les jours de la semaine
  • Moi, j’adore les glaces
  • Dans la forêt
  • Les animaux dansent le tango
  • Notre salle de classe
  • Qu’est-ce qu’il y a dans ton panier?
  • Au-revoir! Â bientôt!