Climate Change Songs

This collection of songs is a musical response to the urgent issue of climate change. The songs are about the beauty of our planet and what we can do to protect it.
The online publisher has published Martina’s German climate songs under the title “Mehr Stimmen für die Umwelt”. The interactive song files are suitable for music lessons, for singing in the classroom and for choirs. Every song is paired with differentiated exercises & texts for use in German lessons. These are available in the “Lesen und mehr” series.

Goethe Institut UK
Furthermore, the Goethe Institut UK has published a selection of Martina’s climate songs and a thematically appropriate rhythm game for primary level German as a foreign language.

You can listen to all of Martina’s German climate change songs on Bandcamp. Some of them are also available in English and in French.

Martina runs interactive concerts & workshops in schools and choirs for singers of all ages.


Planet Earth: Dora Haeri, 10 years