Interactive concerts

In Martina’s concerts, children have plenty of opportunities to act, move and dance as well as sing their hearts out. They learn new vocabulary and practice what they already know whilst being entertained and engaged.

MFL song programme for primary and early secondary level (5-12 years)
Martina’s interactive concerts are tailor-made for teaching modern foreign languages (French, German and English). The children sing about their everyday activities at school, the days of the week, months, seasons, numbers, parts of the body, food, animals and what they do in their free time – all topics are relevant to the primary curriculum. Other songs address the urgent subject of climate change and how we can protect our beautiful planet.

Students made posters ahead of an interactive concert. Martina then integrated these into the programme.

There is no need to prepare, but students will think about the topics more deeply if they have the opportunity to develop their ideas around these topics ahead of the concert. In some schools, students make props – for instance flowers and insects for the song ‘In my Little Garden” or posters for the climate change songs. But even children with no prior knowledge will learn new words and phrases – simply because singing about these topics is so much more fun than just talking about them!

Concert structure
Martina will visit your school or venue of choice to give an interactive concert for up to 100 children. She opens her sessions with her call & response greeting song and in no time the children join in. She then surprises them with her accordion which she plays to the children’s delight to accompany her songs. ‘What a cool instrument!’ the children comment. Actions and dance moves accompany Martina’s songs about the days of the week, months and seasons, the weather, the ‘Animal Tango’, the ‘Body-Reggae’ and other curriculum-related subjects.

The repertoire can be adapted for different age groups and levels, even as an introduction for children who have just started learning a foreign language. Concerts can be themed more specifically around the environment or celebrate events such as European Language Day.

Concerts are designed to last for approximately an hour but can be slightly shorter for younger children. Martina will finish her session on a personal note by mentioning the children’s names in her ‘Goodbye’ song and round it all up with questions and answers, leaving the children with a real live experience of the language they are learning.

Technical requirements
Martina will bring a head mic and of course her accordion.