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Martina created her first German language learning songs in collaboration with the Goethe Institut London. As a result, the first songbook and CD Learn German with Songs was published in 2005 and by popular demand the second volume Learn more German with Songs followed in 2008.

Both songbooks/ CDs can be ordered via The Goethe Institute (online shop). The CDs have a fully sung version of the song, followed by a playback version

All songbooks contain musical notation with chord symbols as well as teaching resources.

‘The songs are all curriculum related. The children will sing about the days of the week, the weather, the family, animals, football and countries. Catchy tunes and original instrumentation contribute to the popularity of the songs.’
These resources are aimed at KS1 and KS2 but they are adaptable for all ages and they are an ideal way for the teacher to complement the primary language lesson.

A selection of Martina’s climate change songs are also available from Goethe Institut UK, incl. teaching materials for primary level students of German as a foreign language.


Learn more German with Songs has also been published by the German publisher ‘Hueber-Verlag’ under the title Spielerisch Deutsch lernen, Lieder und Reime.

The online publisher has published Martina’s German climate songs under the title “Mehr Stimmen für die Umwelt”. The interactive song files are suitable for music lessons, for singing in the classroom and for choirs. Every song is paired with differentiated exercises & texts for use in German lessons. These are available in the “Lesen und mehr” series.

Mehr Stimmen für die Umwelt
for German and music lesson & and for choirs

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Audio samples:

from Martina’s song books Learn German with Songs and Learn more German with Songs: